Go HERE for live-stream worship Sunday at 10:30am.


Church is open for worship but virtual worship is strongly urged. Face masks required. Spaced seating.

Indonesian Fellowship

Join us for worship Sundays at 12 noon.  Live streaming at Facebook, Reformed Church of Metuchen Indonesian Fellowship.  

Reformed Church of Metuchen

A Christian Church for the Community

We value our brothers and sisters of other faith traditions and believe that we are all called to do good works of mercy, justice, generosity and love.  While worship is at the center of all that we do together, we seek to add value to our Metuchen community by serving those in need and celebrating the seasons of our lives both inside and outside of the sanctuary in many ways.  In our rapidly changing culture, we offer our authentic selves, believing that grace abounds where the truth of our lives is experienced and told. We are an imperfect church, and imperfect people, called to share the Good News of Jesus Christ as we live, work and raise our families together in an imperfect world.


Online Worship

Please join us Sunday online at 10:30 A.M. for worship at www.facebook.com/MetuchenReformed. Once there search for recent posts.  Blessings and peace to all.  Please stay safe and be well.

Help for longtime church member

Dear friends, it has come to the church’s attention that Barbara Robertson, a longtime church member is in need. Barbara gave much of her time while she was here, volunteering wherever there was need. It is now her turn to receive. Barbara's husband, Thomas, is in end-stage heart failure and is waiting for a heart transplant. They have no health insurance.  Please donate to Barbara Robertson & Family.

Barbara Robertson GoFundMe page

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