Reformed Church of Metuchen

Sunday School is a service for children that is done every Sunday. Generally, Sunday School is part of church services with the target of children aged 0 to Elementary School. This activity is usually held according to church rules (during the Covid 19 pandemic) Sunday Schools have a separate place from Public Worship. Sunday school teachers are drawn from congregations who have a heart to be involved in Sunday school children's ministry. People who are interested in becoming part of the Sunday School ministry can register in the church, be seen as serious in their service to God and be trained to be involved in the Sunday School ministry. The Sunday School children's activities include singing with movements, games, quizzes, prayer and listening to God's Word. During certain events such as Independence Day, Easter Day, and Christmas Day, there are usually special activities. The benefits of children attending Sunday School are many, such as, children can learn to praise and dance for God from an early age, learn to make good friends, learn to pray, learn to hear God's Word and learn to be more confident. In Sunday School the children will listen to the Word of God which is appropriate for the age of the children. The songs are also adapted to the ages of the children. Sunday School teachers also teach good moral values ​​to children in a way that is simple and easy for early childhood to understand