How We Lead

God's Promise to Us:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge the Lord, and God will direct your paths (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Our Promise to God:

We promise together to seek God's will for the church, to pray for God's guidance, to pray for one another, inviting the light of the Lord to shine in and through us.

Our Promises to our Church family & community:

We promise to faithfully fulfill our responsibilities in the service and supervision of the church, acting on behalf of the whole congregation for the welfare of the church and the broader community;

We promise to dedicate ourselves to prayerfully discerning God's will for our church and world, and to take actions and make decisions consistent with our best understanding of where God is leading us as a community of faith.

We promise to encourage the members of the congregation to participate in the leadership of the church through service in our ministries, commissions, committees, and offices.

We promise to work through conflict in both society and church when it arises and to always strive for reconciliation with one another.



Our Leadership Team


Rev. Ancela F. Rumokoy (Head Pastor) & Rev. Ferani Wongkar (Associate Pastor Under Contract) 



Bevi Sandag (Vice President); Grandy Oley (Elder Delegate); Marcel Aseng; Dyane Christie Poluan; William Bill Kinzel; Lucky Golioth


Iwan Frederik (Clerk); Ryan Kuswadi; Martine Parengkuan; Cherry Ante; Vera Kotel; Dewi Tjung; Junita Politon

Young Adult Ministry:

Seminarian Leo Poluan


Education Ministry:

Seminarian Leo Poluan


Faith Formation of Children and Youth Director:

Seminarian Leo Poluan


Worship Ministry Director:

Dyane Christie Poluan


Music Director:

Franky Runtuwene


Church Office:

Junita Politon (Office Manager)



Dyane Christie Poluan; Marlina Gunawan, Co-Treasurer; Iwan Frederik; William Bill Kinzel



Cemmy & Cherry Ante (Sextons)



- Care Commission Chair: Elder Marcel Aseng
- Fellowship & Worship Commission Chair(s): Elder Dyane Christie Poluan & Elder Iwan Frederik 
- Building & Ground Commission Chair: Elder William Bill Kinzel
- Nomination Commission Chair: Elder Bevi Sandag
- Finance Commission Chair: Deacon Iwan Frederik