text81855_2Greetings, and welcome to all members, friends of Reformed Church of Metuchen!

It’s a blessing and a privilege for me to have served as Pastor here since January of 2021. Welcome home, welcome here the place of worship and healing!

At Reformed Church of Metuchen, we pride ourselves on our sense of fellowship, Our vision at fellowship is simple. We want to join together as we love people to live in Jesus Christ.  In our world, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd, but God’s Word tells us that He knows the intimate details of our lives because He cares about us, He loves us. He formed the Church to be a community where people genuinely love, encourage, and take care of one another, and that is what we do at Fellowship. When we realize We aren’t perfect and we don’t get it right every time, but we never give up proclaiming the Good News of Victory in Jesus!

Since the beginning of my first time here, I have been constantly impressed by the amount of support that everybody has in the congregation. People give to each other. That is the sign of the presence of God when we live together in peace and harmony. We pray for each other, we look out for one another, we celebrate each other’s triumphs and milestones, and we lift each other when it is needed. The family of Reformed Church of Metuchen is one of the closest church families I’ve ever been a part of.

As the Church, together we confess we are the chosen vessel of God through which Jesus Christ is known to the world, we are passionate about families, marriage, and teaching the Next Generation to love the Lord. Become a safety net through meeting community needs as the hands and feet of Jesus, also as the church we are standing in the gap for those who need help, encouragement, and support, the community of God, where we care for, encourage and nurture one another.

This church now is a multicultural church. It is the new movement in the church today. In my view, this is the hidden treasure that RCM has. Diversity makes us strong.

Our typical Sunday morning worship is our praise is sincere. Traditional and contemporary are blend into one style of worship is deeper, honest, and pure. Yes, let's become the true worshiper.

Whether you’re new to the area, whether you’ve driven by our building a thousand times, or whether you’ve worshiped with us before, I hope you’ll take the time to stop in. We invite you to experience life with us at Fellowship. Come as you are and join us as we pursue life together as the Church and the Community of Believers. Come join us and find out what living is all about.

- Pastor A. Fransisca Rumokoy