Reformed Church of Metuchen

Worship is the center of our lives together as a community of faith. Our

relationship with God is expressed in prayer, song, music, word, and 

sacrament. We are a contemporary people mindful of tradition, but not

bound by it.

Liturgy: Liturgy and prayer form the way we approach God, both in hearing

God’s word for us, as well as speaking our word to God. We do this in both

traditional and contemporary forms, blending language that has been passed

down from the church with language that springs up from our daily lives –

our concern for ourselves and the world around us.


Baptism & the font: We are reminded weekly of the water we are baptized

with, going down to the river with Jesus to be baptized in him, to receive his

peace & to be raised in new life with him: Jesus is our Shepherd, our Lord, 

and our life. 

The Lord’s Supper – Holy Communion: As a community of believers, we

come to the Lord’s Table with all assurance of new life in Jesus Christ, joyfully 

partaking in the bread & wine, signs of the real presence of Christ; though he

be in heaven & we on earth, we are nonetheless joined together in mystical union.

The Reformed Church of Metuchen celebrates communion the first & third 

Sunday of the month.

Preaching: Like the sacraments, preaching is central to the life of the church.

We endeavor to be faithful to the gospel – exploring how God’s Word

continues to speak to us through the power of the Holy Spirit as we interpret 

and re-interpret the scriptures, making sense of them in the twenty-first

century in the midst of science, cultural shifts, technology, and the world

as we know it.